Thursday, 29 October 2015

Research Tag

Research Tag

Choose a country and write a question about it.  For example what foods do they eat in Romania?


Big idea:Art Forms

Now go and find a book that you think could answer the question and fill out this information.

Book title:Russia

Author/s:Kremena Spengler


Date of publication:2005                      

Keywords found:arts forms

Page #’s:20_21

Key pictures found:Large nesting dolls

Page #’s:21

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Library Skills

Matching Parts of a Book

L.I.    Know the different parts of non-fiction books

Each part of a book has a special name which you need to be a familiar with.
1. For each description below find the matching term in the box.
2. Write in the correct term in the space provided.

__________index ________ = Alphabetical list of all the topics in a book with the page number where the information can be found.

___________End papers _______= The first and last pages of a book.

____________lllustrator ________ = The person who prepared or drew the pictures.

_______Introduction ___ _________= Information about the book found at the beginning of a book.

___________Dedication ________= Words about a special person found at the front of a book.

________Author ___________ = The person who wrote the book.

_______________Glossary ______=  List of special words used in the book with their correct meanings.

_______spine __________ = The flat narrow outside strip of the book.

______publisher ________ = The company who made the book.

__________Cover _________ = The outside of the book.

___spine label______ = The label which identifies the book on the shelf.

_________Bibliography___ = A list of more books on the same subject.

_______content_________ = A list of the titles of the chapters.