Friday, 21 October 2016


Today at tech we learned about how to do 3D  Sketching.The picture above shows a 1 point Perspective
and we had to copy the whiteboard draw it to write the word in the paper and Mrs Ferguson told us to  color the square with pencil    

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Reading with Mrs Anderson

Today I read Mrs Anderson a book called 'A Job for Clown'. After each page I had to pick a question card off the table and Mrs A asked me a question about the page I had just read. I kept tricking her and choosing the 'who' question. When I finished the story I asked Mrs Anderson questions about the book to check that she had listened carefully.

Odd and Even numbers

Today I worked on finding Odd and Even numbers. I played a game where I had to find all the ladybugs with odd numbers and all the ladybugs with even numbers. I worked out the answers by counting the spots and if the ladybug had the same amount of spots on each side I knew it was an even number. The ladybugs with different amount of spots on each side were odd numbers.All the odd numbers went to the red leaf and all the even numbers went to the blue leaf. I enjoyed playing the game with Mrs Linda.

Monday, 17 October 2016

rhythm interactive

Today we had 2 visitors visit our school to run a program called 'Rhythm interactive.' They showed us some interesting rhythms and we followed him. While we were playing the drums, we were learning some lyrics to go with the drumming. I really enjoyed the lessons.  

Friday, 14 October 2016

Water in School

We have been noticing everyone has been forgetting to bring water to school. We had to research the importance of staying hydrated. We have also been researching the effects of when you are dehydrated. We also been learning the benefit's of drinking water instead of sugary drinks. 

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Godwit/Kuaka Popplet

This term our inquiry focus was on the Bartailed Godwit but in Maori it is known as the Kuaka. The Yr7's have created a popplet together that tells informations about the appearance, habitat, Migration diet and what effects Godwit/Kuaka in different ways. We also added in some images and videos to give a clear picture of the special bird.  Did you know that they have a 8-9 day non stop flight, this adds up to one whole week and one day which is a short period of time considering they are flying long distance.   We look toward to learn more about the unique birds.


This morning for maths I worked with Mrs Linda. We were working on addition. We used flash cards and counters to get the answers.  I had to write the equation on the whiteboard, then workout the answer.  Mrs Linda was choosing hard flash cards because I'm getting faster at addition. 

Monday, 10 October 2016

A new bed

Today I did a S-Chart of a book called A New Bed. The story tells you about Mrs Mack And Mr Mack, Mr Mack says they need a new bed. Mr Mack thinks they should take the bed to the dump. Mrs Mack puts the bed on the truck and takes it down to the road by the Junk Shop. Mrs Mack took the bed to the bed to the junk shop, so the man in in the junk shop gives money back to Mrs Mack. After when she goes home she says to Mr Mack "We need a bed". Mrs Mack and Mr Mack go to the junk shop and they see the bed Mr Mack goes to sit down and says "This is perfect to sleep on", so they took the bed home.