Friday, 15 April 2016

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

My Word Search

Today I did this bye my self. With my own words  and Mrs Christine helped me choosing the words
We chose the words from things we could see in the classroom 

Monday, 11 April 2016

E-Ako Maths

Today I dis this task by myself. It is e-ako maths. I was practising making 5.

Monday, 4 April 2016

science groups 1

Today we finished doing the science and pocking your hands in the middle of the bowl 

Ma'ata Home Learning

Today I learning about writing sample from sentences and I always put my full stops at the end of the capital letters always put your capital letters at the start of your sentences if you put your full stops at the end of your sentences and full stops in front of your sentences and good starting with your full stops and capital letters at the beginning the sound  

Ma'ata PBS votes

This is my work I done with my learning teacher she always  help me doing my work in classroom 

Pumpkin Story

Pumpkin Story

One day Robbie decided he wanted Pumpkin soup, so Dad said ‘Let’s plant some pumpkins.’  Then Dad went outside and turned the soil so it was ready to plant the pumpkin seeds.  Robbie planted the pumpkin seeds.

Robbie wanted pumpkin soup but he had to waited for the pumpkin. The pumpkin had to grow big enough to flower and then for the flowers to turn into pumpkins.  The pumpkin was little then the pumpkin grow big. The pumpkin grow big then big.

One day Robbie came to the garden to come and see the pumpkin and Robbie was very exciting to see  the pumpkin and Robbie pick it up the pumpkin Robbie pick it up the pumpkin. Robbie take the pumpkin  to Dad, so Dad and Robbie can make pumpkin soup. Dad and Robbie cook the pumpkin and Robbie was helping Dad for the pumpkin soup. Dad and Robbie cooked the pumpkin  Dad and Robbie ate the pumpkin soup.

Image result for pumpkinImage result for pumpkin flower

My Weekend

What I did in the Weekend

On Saturday my Aunty, Uncle, baby cousin, & my  3 big cousins came over to my house for a visit.

While my Aunty & my mum was cooking food I was playing with my 3 big cousins. My cousins & I was playing on the PS4 in my mum’s room. Then after we finished playing on the PS4 we went into the kitchen to have lunch, for lunch we had biscuits, sandwiches, & fizzy drinks. After that all my cousins had to go home. On Sunday my mum, sister, & my aunty & I went to church. When we arrived at church we went inside then waited for the man to talk, a couple of hours later we went into the hall to eat the food my mum & aunty made, there was some other people that bought food as well. After eating the people had to clean up the church. When we arrived home we celebrated my aunty’s birthday.

After all of that, I was thinking about my weekend, I said to myself that this was the coolest weekend ever. After dinner I had to go to bed for a whole new day of school.

Spelling test

Today for reading I did a spelling test. I chose this spelling test kinda easy and kinda hard. My score is 5/10 I think I did well because I only got 5 wrong. I am proud of myself.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Home Learning

This is my work that I did for myself on my laptop in school finishing off your work in classroom and doing your own presentation using the care awards in school classroom don't forget to put your full stops at the end of your sentences and make sure you look at your capital letters and the full stops and 


Here is my homework I did with my friends Jorja  and Sakae 

PBS votes - By Ma'ata

Here is my DLO about flag votes that I created. It shows you that our school wanted to keep the current flag. I wanted to as well, because if we change it I think it disrespecting the soldiers who fought for it and gave there lives for the flag. The current flag is also known all around the world. Some people won't recognize the New Zealand Flag if the government changes it.