Friday, 17 February 2017


Today the year 8's and year 7 's we started. Tech at tamaki college the year 8's made toast and Bacon they put in pineapple and Spaghetti and cheese and we cut 10 slices of bread and we used the cupcake pans and we mixed it with a wood spoon we slice the ham with a knife and we used a cardboard to slice the ham. And we had fun making some toast sandwich and we enjoyed eating our toast 


Yesterday LS2  we were playing sports called Sport we played. Yesterday we played the sports with. Martin we first play flag tag king queen ring game. After that we played a number game 

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Care Values

This morning the year 7's and year 8's worked together in groups to discuss the Care values which are Confidence, Attitude, Respect, Excellence and Innovation. Our group had to demonstrate examples of each value, and these are shown in the photos. As year 7's and year 8's we are role models for the school and get the opportunity to achieve Care Awards by completing tasks for each value.