Thursday, 14 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey - PBS

Today Panmure Bridge School had a special assembly. We were lucky to have Rachel announce the Summer/Winter Learning Journey for 2017-2018. Rachel was followed by the Woolf Fisher Research Centre and the NEXT Foundation. Our Head Boy AJ and Head Girl Mia introduced themselves to the visitors. The Kapa Haka Group performed and the visitors were really proud of their performance. Daniel, Mele and Ofa spoke about how they have participated in the Summer/Winter Learning Journey. The SLJ program helps a lot of people with their reading because it encourages us students to read and talk about our learning more. After the special visit everyone including the visitors had a free lunch proudly donated by Eat My Lunch which was very delicious. The video above shows Daniel our Manaikalani Leader showing people how Panmure Bridge is a digital school and how we are part of the Summer/Winter Learning Journey. Thank you to the guests who visited our school:Rachel and Hazel from Woolf Fisher Research Centre,
Mr Grady who is the Chairperson for the Board of Trustees, Mrs Grant from Manaiakalani, Mr Burt Point England School's Principal, Mrs Jesson from Woolf Fisher Research Centre, Mr Sneddon who is the chairperson for Manaiakalani, Mrs Lee, and Mrs Pitchard. 

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Christmas in Switzerland

To celebrate Christmas we got into groups of four and worked collaboratively to find out about Christmas in different countries all around the world. My group worked on Switzerland and we found a lot of interesting things about Switzerland like how they call their Santa Samichlaus. .To show our learning we recorded our google slides using screencastify. I worked on this DLO with Jorja, Calvin, Sylis, and Lyric. 

Monday, 4 December 2017

Tech at Tamaki College

This year I have been going to Tech at Tamaki College every Friday. I like Tech because it’s fun. My first activity was Food Tech. I really liked learning to cook and make yummy food. My favourite was making the quiche with Mrs Linda. I think Mrs Heka is a nice teacher.

I made a clock with Miss Ferguson. It was fun drawing my design and watching the machine cut the shape I drew on the wood. My clock was a heart shape. I painted it purple and pink and yellow. They are my favourite colours. Miss Ferguson is a nice teacher and she helped me a lot.

This term I made a stained glass picture. I think it is really pretty. It was easy to cut the glass but it was hard to get it the right size. Mr Grundy is kind and he helped me with my stained glass picture.

I have really liked going to Tech because I have learnt new skills in a fun way.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Sa Kae, Maata and Magenta - Maths Patterns

Yesterday Me, Maata and Magenta worked to together to get this DLO done. We were  learning to know what is the answer. Our questions was Mama has 12 orange hexagons, how many triangles will she need? We have created a Screencastify about this DLO and I've tell you how to get 50. 

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Fire Station Visit - Maata

For our inquiry we have been focusing on our community and how the Emergency Services help us.  Yesterday we were lucky enough to visit the Mt Wellington Fire Station. We began our visit with the Fire Officers speaking to us about Fire Safety. We then went outside and were shown around the Fire Truck. It was very interesting to see all the tools kept on the fire truck and learn about what some of them were used for. We were extremely lucky to get to see the firemen using the spreader and cutter tools to cut the windscreen, doors and roof off a car. This was awesome to see. Thank you to the Firemen at the Mt Wellington Fire Station for making this possible.

Friday, 17 November 2017

Police Men Police Dog

Yesterday Panmure Bridge School had a visit from the Police Helicopter. It was very exciting seeing the helicopter land on the field. It was really interesting to learn that the helicopter had a camera on the front. We were also extremely lucky to get to see the police dog and hear about the ways that the dogs help the Police. Thank you to Constable Cyrus for making this happen for us.

Maata Fireworks - Safety Rules

I have created this DLO to remind people of ways they can keep safe on Fireworks night. It shows some basic rules to follow so everyone can enjoy fireworks without getting hurt. 

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Sharing a message with our Community

This week our focus has been sharing a message with our Community. We created this DLO to share a message with our school community about how to look after our teeth. Our DLO was for children in the junior school so we used words and pictures that would make it easy for them to understand.   

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Film Festival

Yesterday was the 10th year of the Manaiakalani Film Festival for all the schools. Our Panmure Bridge School have created 4 movies to show the Manaiakalani Film Festival. Our Panmure Bridge School watched PT England and Tamaki Primary School movies. I really did enjoyed watching those movie. All of them are very interesting to watched. After that we were commenting on each school blog moviesHopefully we all had fun watching other school movie. 

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Emergency Services

For Inquiry we have been learning about Emergency Services and what we need to do, and who we need to call in an Emergency. This DLO shows that we would need to call an Ambulance if someone is badly injured. It also explains how we need to speak on the phone and some of the information that is needed for the operator. 

Badminton Kiwi Sport

Today for Kiwi Sports with Kevin, we were learning how to grip the racket for forehand and backhand, and how to control our swing and the direction of the shuttlecock. We began by practising volleying the shuttlecock on our rackets. Then we had to get a partner and one person threw the shuttlecock and the other person had to try and hit it back to them.  We then had a rally with our partner to see how many times we could hit it back and forward to each other. We also learnt about the stance to use when moving towards the shuttlecock. 

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Scale Drawing - Maata

This week for art LS2 did scale drawings. To begin we had to choose a picture then we needed to draw a grid over the top of it. We then had to draw another grid on a bigger sheet of paper, this grid was twice as big as the first grid. We then had to draw the enlargement by counting the grid squares. It was quite tricky but I think it looks quite good. My Scale Drawing has a ratio of 1:2.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Staying safe at the beach Maata

Today my learning was about staying safe at the beach. Today I have created a DLO and tips of staying safe at the beach.  Brooklyn helped me create this DLO and help with some of the questions. Today I learnt that you need to wear a life jacket when you go to the beach because it will stop you from drowning. 

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Learning to use Synonyms - Maata

This morning we were learning about Synonyms. Synonyms are words that mean the same as another word but could make your sentence more interesting. Our task was to replace a word in the sentences above, the word we changed is highlighted in red. To find the synonyms we went to google dictionary and looked up the word definition and synonym, then we needed to check the word made sense in our sentence.    

Friday, 1 September 2017

Tech - Stained glass

Today was our first Rotation with Mr Grundy For Hard Materials. We will be working with stained glass. Mr Grundy showed us how to cut glass safely and how to use the copper tape and the soldering iron, as we will be using this equipment later when we have designed our picture. We then began working on the design stage and had to create six options that we may be able to use. It was quite tricky coming up with a design because you need to have straight edges for when you cut the glass. 

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Dance Mat Typing - Maata

This morning I played on Dance Mat Typing. I was practising keeping my fingers on the home keys which are ASDF  on your left hand and JKL; on your right hand. I  also practiced  typing without looking at the keys. I had fun doing this and I think I am getting faster at my typing.

Keeping Rabbits - Maata

This week I read the book called Keeping Rabbits. The book explained about how to care for a pet rabbit and the things you need to know to keep your rabbit healthy. I have shown some of the foods rabbits can eat and some ways you can care for a rabbit. 

Friday, 25 August 2017


Today at tech we had to finish our clock. After painting them we glued the sides to join the front and back together. Then Miss Ferguson put the clock mechanism in the back. This is my completed clock. I think it looks fantastic.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

You've got 2 minutes - Maata

I see people playing all round me some of them are playing handball & basketball with all their friends. I can smell egg sandwiches, freshly cut grass & mud all around me wherever I walk. I can hear children screaming and yelling and the hammering on the roof from the workmen. I feel happy to be out of the classroom and excited to be running to the playground & playing with my friends.

This is my writing about what I can see, Smell and hear at school we had only two minutes to write as much as we could to complete the task.  

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Tom The School Cat

For Reading I read the book called Tom The School Cat. It's about a cat named Tom. Tom wasn't like most cats because he didn't live in a house, he lived at school. Instead of cat food he would eat left overs from the kids  school lunches. He slept under a classroom.  My DLO about cats shows lots of different types of cats and some facts about cats.  

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

How to make a hamburger - Maata

Yesterday I read the book called Hamburgers. I learned what ingredients we need to make a Hamburger and how to make it. My DLO shows some of the ingredients you can use to put in your hamburger. I also learned that hamburgers are quick and easy to make and can be a healthy meal. 

Rewindable learning

Today LS2 were practicing the dance we were learning yesterday for our school production. Our teacher who is creating and teaching us the dance moves is named Zoe. The dance my group is performing  is to the song "I see Red" by Split Enz. We were able to practice by using Rewindable Learning. This is when we can go back and watch a video of our group performing our dance and rewind and review our moves to see what we need to improve and what we are doing well. We will be adding to our dance each week and being able to use rewindable learning is a great way to practice so we will get the dance looking great.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Impossible Is Possible - Maata

This term our topic is about Relationships. Possible is about never giving up on your dreams and believing in yourself. Don't let anybody tell you you're not good enough. 

Tech - Tamaki College

Today at tech we were working on finishing off coloring our designs. We then drew our design onto the lazer cut out. After that we started our painting. We had to mix primary colours together to get the colour we wanted. We had to make sure we didn't apply the paint too thickly as we will need to do more than one coat.  

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

How Maui Slowed The Sun - Maata

This is my storyboard creating a scene from the legend of How Maui Slowed The Sun. It shows the journey of Maui and his brothers travelling to meet the sun and finally catching it with their flax ropes so the days would be longer.  

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Duffy Assembly

Today is the first day of term 3. After lunch Panmure Bridge School had Duffy Assembly. There are only 8 people in LS2 that were in the hall. When we went to the hall we first started singing the Alessia Cara  song  (how far I will go). Then we sang another song, Bruno Mars,Uptown. Then we started the Duffy show. Then they sang us a song and we joined in and started singing too. It was really fun having the visitors in Panmure Bridge School and watching the Duffy shows. Thanks to the visitors that came to Panmure Bridge School and sharing some ideas about reading with us.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Tamaki Wrap - Maata

This is my DLO about some of the things I learnt when the Tamaki Wrap ladies came to speak to us about reducing the amount of plastic rubbish we create.  

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Matariki - Joshua V Maata Sa Kae

 Today Joshua V, Maata and Sa Kae I were making a poster for Matariki. We first made a summary about Matariki by choosing important words in the information. After that we used those words to help us write the sentences in our summary.

I learnt that the other side of the world calls the Matariki stars Pleiades. In English Matariki is called tiny eyes or eyes of god. On the right you can see some facts we wrote down. There are 6 Sisters and 1 mother so that makes 7 stars. Did you know that in 2017 there are 9 Matariki Stars?

Friday, 23 June 2017

All blacks day

Today was the all blacks day. Everyone was dressed in black Mr Wrong was fly the drone Some of the people had to were wearing red. We were putting up the paper for the all blacks. We went outside to play passing ball challenge We were challenging the little kids and LS1 room 5 we saw the drone flying up the sky and we went to the netball court and made a big circle we were passing the ball to the people next to you and we went back to the classroom  

Thursday, 22 June 2017

This is showing of the amount of rubbish we have, and people are dropping their rubbish in school. Our task was to make a graph on google spreadsheet then we had to put it on a google docs . yes are the people who have dropped rubbish in school and no people are the people who haven't dropped rubbish. our teacher Mrs Anderson shared a form to LS1 & LS2 to agree or disagree.

Dance Evaluation movie

This morning for dance Mrs Anderson recorded our dance. We had to present it to our group so we could evaluate it. We need to make sure we are facing the front so our faces can be seen. I think our timing has improved but we still need to work on making our angles sharper. 

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Maata - Soft Plastic

This afternoon I was learning about soft plastic. Mrs Caroline  one of our first aid teachers was teaching LS2 about soft plastics and what that is. I created this DLO about what soft plastic and facts you may or may not know about soft plastics. For example if I had a piece of glad wrap I would be able to scrunch it into a ball. That is considered as soft plastic. If I had a biscuit tray and I tried to scrunch it into a ball it will be a lot harder to scrunch up. This is my finished work. I really enjoyed doing this, have fun reading!

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Blog comment By Maata

Today the year 8's had cyber smart. In cyber smart we had to choose a person to comment. Today I had to choose to comment on Jorja's blog and Sa Kae blog 

Dance group A

Today at dance Magenta and I were working on our dance. We recorded our dance on the ipad and we had to evaluate it. We need to work on making our angles sharper and our timing is not quite right.     

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Milk Cartons Jay-Don and Maata

Today we were learning about Milk Cartons. We all should Drink it dry fold it flat after that you put it in the milk cartons bin because it important to put the milk in the bin 

Monday, 12 June 2017

Read theory

Today for Miss Kirkpatricks group we had to do read theory and answer the question from the book. I was reading Anna the Artist. She loves drawing a lot of things from the sky.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Storm in a Teacup

Today we start working on our poem named storm in a teacup. This week I am learning what is a metaphor. I know that a metaphor is a a figure of speech. In which a term or phrase is applied to something to which it is not literally applicable in order to suggest a resemblance, as in “A mighty fortress is our God.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

How Maui brought fire to the world - Haiku

This is my Haiku retelling the story about How Maui Brought Fire to the World. We worked together as a group to come up with our poem.  We clapped the syllables in each word to make sure we had the right amount on each line.  

Maata - 3 motivational quotes - Poster Care Award

This is my motivational poster for  my Excellence and Innovation Care Award. I chose these quotes because    they were written by successful people and they help to inspire others.   

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Maata Story pyramid DLO

Today for Writing we worked with Miss Brett and Mrs Linda.We worked as a group on our Story Pyramid. My story pyramid is about Harry Potter, I had to write a Description, Problem, Setting, Three  Events and come up with a Solution. I had fun working with Miss Brett and creating a story pyramid. 

Day Two Camp Diary

Today I had fun because I went on the high ropes. I felt excited when I first climbed up the ladder. Mrs Linda and Mrs  Anderson helped me put on my helmet and the harness. My hair was too long so it took a long time to put the helmet on, Mrs Anderson was happy when I climbed and was taking lots of photos. I felt even more excited when I walked across the beam.
I also did archery, it was fun and Mrs Linda had fun too. I was better than Mrs Linda because I shot the balloon.

We did adventure activities. I liked them because it was fun and I worked with my team. We had fun singing the songs.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Time table warm ups

Today we used the game called  Hit the Button. To help us recall our 4 x  answers quickly. I found it harder to find the answer find the question so I will be practising this in my own time. 

Friday, 26 May 2017


Today the year 8's start a new rotation. This term the year 8 is going to be working on graphic with Mrs Ferguson. Today we start making some DLO. We start making a google drawings all about us. We had to find an images of what we liked. Then we got to a website called Avatar maker. On that website you can make a cartoon of you self. The next task is to find any of the clock name and images and put it on the DLO.  

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Dance group A

This morning at dance we were learning about making geometric shapes with our bodies. We began by doing our own warm ups then Sanujan and Freeman instructed us and we all copied their warm up. We then watched a you tube clip Sadeck x Ammar, geometric variables. We then had to plan our own short dance using angles and shapes with our bodies. It was difficult to stay connected with my partner when we were trying to make shapes. 

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Dance group A

Today Dance group A all did our warm up before our learning. It was fun being the teacher with Magenta and Mrs Linda. I liked how all the kids and Mrs Anderson did the moves we made up. After that we made square, triangle and circle shapes with our bodies. We learned that there are two ways to move. Free flow is when your body is like jelly and bound flow is when you move like a robot. I liked making the twisted shapes because we kept laughing. Dance was fun.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

How to reduce food waste

On Monday we have learnt about How to reduce food waste. Recycle means about convert and material. Recycle mean to turn our waster into something that you can use.

4 Timetable

Today i have been learning my timetable of 4's.  My group were using counters to make group of 4 to learn our timetable . Each group could get the answer by adding 4 to each group.My group were great because we were working together as team work. 

World of maths

Yesterday LS2 and LS1 went to world of maths. We had lots of fun challenges to complete. My favourite  was the Greedy Blocks challenge, for this we had to find out the number of blocks each person collected by reading the problem and placing a block in front of each persons name, for example Mary had half as many blocks as John, so we had to work out how many blocks John had. The people in my group was Zahra, Florence, Mataio, Ofa and me

Thursday, 11 May 2017


Today for dance the year 8's had to create a warm up routine. First we talked about why it is important to warm up before exercising. One of the reasons is to help prevent injuries by stretching the muscles and  gradually increasing  our heart rate. We then worked in pairs to create our own five minute warm up. It was lots of fun coming up with ideas and choosing which stretch or exercise to include. We drew sketches and made a plan to follow, then shared our routine with another pair who gave us feedback.
I enjoyed dance and am looking forward to our next lesson. 

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Race for the Rocket

For maths today Mrs Linda and I played a game called race for the rocket. We each had either 12 martians or 12 Astronauts and a pile of more/less cards upside down. We had to take one more or less card and then add or take away an astronaut or a martian, the first person to get to the top of the rocket is the winner. I was the Astronaut and I won the game  

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Reduce Reuse Recycle

This is my DLO about how we can Reduce, Reuse and Recycle our waste. It is important to think about how we dispose of rubbish and the things we can do to Reuse and Recycle our waste. We should think twice before throwing things out because they could be used for something else or given to someone else to use.